FAQ - Land Sales - Flags

If we are unable to choose a Land for the City Launches, can we keep our Flags for the next City Launch?


What happens if there's no more mythical plots of Land for those who bought more than 27 Flags?

You can aim for a Mythical plot of Land in the next City Sale or use your Flags to claim Lands of other rarities.

How will the Flags be used to buy plots of Land?

You can find out more here.

Where to find more details about the NEXUS World Flags?

You can find out more here.

Can you resell Flags?

No, Flags are not NFTs and cannot be traded.

What is the implementation system for placing Flags on the Land? How do you know who planted it first when more than one person planted Flags on the same Land?

A smart contract determines the successful purchaser based on the first transaction to write successfully to the blockchain.

Is it compulsory to do KYC for the NEXUS World Land - Flag sales? Does it apply to pre-sale users?

Yes, it is compulsory for everyone to complete and pass KYC in order to purchase Flags.

Please note that details about NEXUS World Land may be updated at the discretion of Affyn

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