Technical Information

NFT Specifications

NFT Collection OpenSea URL: NEXUS World Land Network: Polygon Token Standard: ERC-721 Contract Address: 0x0da091afa01c2275592198f8711bca69c7c79f51 Total Supply: 100,000 NFTs

Info at a Glance

  • Total number of hexagon tiles in the entire NEXUS World: approx. 33.9 billion

  • Total number of hexagon tiles that are non-water (i.e. Land): approx. 9.8 billion (29%)

  • Total number of NEXUS World Land NFTs: 100,000 (approx. 0.001%)

  • Average size of each hexagon tile: approx. 15,047.5m²

  • Average length of each side of a hexagon tile: approx 65.9m

  • Land rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Mythical

The actual size of an individual hexagon can differ from the average size

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