Bind Your Wallet

Mobile device users are required to use the MetaMask in-app browser in order to connect to their wallet. MetaMask will not work with other browsers such as Chrome or Safari on a mobile device.

Guide to using the MetaMask in-app browser

Actual UI may differ due to updates.

Step 1: Open the MetaMask app on your phone. For desktop users, skip to Step 3. Check that you are connected to Polygon Mainnet. On the top left, select the Menu icon

Step 2: Select Browser

Step 3: Go to the Affyn marketplace and login to your Affyn account

Step 4: Click on the profile icon at the top right corner and go to Account Settings

Step 5: Click on Bind Wallet

Step 6: Click on Connect MetaMask wallet

Step 7: You will receive 2 prompts from MetaMask. Select Next

Step 8: Select Connect

Step 9: Your wallet is now connected. Select Bind Wallet

Step 10: Read the Important Notice. Select I agree

Step 11: Congratulations! You have successfully bound your MetaMask wallet to your Affyn account

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