Guide to buy $FYN on MetaMask

Transactions taking place on the Polygon blockchain require payment of MATIC (Polygon network) as gas fees. Users are recommended to prepare at least 1 MATIC in their wallet.

Actual UI may differ due to updates.

Step 1: Open the MetaMask mobile application. Check that you are connected to Polygon Mainnet

Step 2: Select the "Double Arrows" icon

Step 3: Select Swap

Step 4: Click on Select a token

Step 5: Enter Fyn in the search box, then select Affyn

Step 6: You should see FYN populated in the bottom box. Select the box on top

Step 7: Search for the token that you are using to swap to $FYN. In this example we will be using USDC

Ensure that the tokens you are using for the swap are on the Polygon blockchain

Step 8: Key in the amount of tokens that you want to swap to FYN using the number input panel. In this example, we will be using 5000 USDC

Step 9: Select Get quotes

Step 10: Wait for MetaMask to finish fetching quotes

Step 11: Select I understand

Step 12: If you are happy with the quote, swipe the white button to the right

Step 13: Wait for MetaMask to complete the transaction

Step 14: Congratulations! The swap is now complete. You can select the "Transaction History" icon to view your transaction history

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