City Sales

Hosted on NEXUS World Viewer

One of the methods through which NEXUS World Land is sold is via City Sales. During each City Sale, users buy NEXUS World Flags in advance to plant and claim their desired Lands when the City Sale begins. Different Land rarities require varying amounts of Flags.

What are Flags?

NEXUS World Flags are digital items used to purchase NEXUS World Land in the Affyn Marketplace. Flags are “planted” to select and claim Lands during City Sales. Flags are digital items that exists on the Polygon blockchain but are not NFTs. Once purchased, Flags will be visible in a user’s Inventory page.

NEXUS World Flags are NOT NFTs, cannot be transferred between players and cannot be listed or sold in OpenSea.

Land Selection Process

The Land selection process during City Sales will be conducted in 2 stages. The first stage is a 24 hour head start for selected groups of users (e.g. whitelisted users), and the second stage is open to public users. This process typically takes place on the NEXUS World Viewer.

First Stage: Begins 24 hours before Public Sale

Second Stage: Public City Sale

Flags Required per Land

Claiming Lands

When you claim Lands in a City Sale, it will be directly minted into your wallet to become an NFT. Once the NFT is minted, you are free to list, trade, buy, or sell your Lands on OpenSea or other NFT marketplaces. You will also be able to view them in your Affyn Inventory page.

Each Land NFT has its own unique corresponding geolocation in the real world and can be identified by a Cell ID and its real-world latitude and longitude coordinates. Land NFTs can eventually be utilized in the NEXUS World metaverse.

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