Maintenance and Reset

🛠️ Maintenance Notice

Buddy Arena will be undergoing maintenance to implement significant updates in preparation for the Global Launch. Users in soft launch regions who were previously able to access the game will be unable to do so during the maintenance period.

Maintenance date: 23 February 2024 until further notice

Reset of Game Accounts

We would like to thank everyone who have helped to make Buddy Arena better through your feedback and participation!

The development team has been listening actively and been able to improve various aspects of the game through your valuable inputs. After many months of preparation and polishing, we are now ready to launch the game globally to users around the world.

For a better game experience, in conjunction with the global launch, there will be a reset of all existing game accounts in Buddy Arena. In appreciation of our early participants, we will be giving rewards to the following groups of users:

  1. Soft Launch Participants All users who have bound an Affyn account to their Buddy Arena game account in our soft launch regions will be automatically enrolled for pre-registration rewards.

  2. Closed Alpha Event Participants 🧢 Mark of Affynity hat

  3. Affyn x GPSS: Web 3.0 | Art Meets Metaverse Event Participants 🪖 Ocean Wave Helmet • 👕 Ocean Wave Suit • 👖 Ocean Wave Pants 🧤 Ocean Wave Gloves 👟 Ocean Wave Shoes

  4. Users Who Purchased Premium Items During Soft Launch Nexium (proportional) All users who have made purchases for Nexium and other premium items will receive compensation in Nexium that is proportional to their dollar spending.

Super Supporter Bonus

We would also like to recognize and thank the players who have demonstrated passionate dedication to the Buddy Arena soft launch with the following rewards:

  • 🎒 Affynity Backpack

  • 200 Nexium

  • 💎 1,000 Crystals

Qualifying Players

CarelessLily92 ChunkyCamper49 MachoStallion43 SquareBuilder11 ShockingJetpack42 SquareToad45 FamousKitten9 EliteJournalist1 LikeableCreator20 CarefulVase15 ImmenseStar73 LyricalAnt55 BlushingWallet80 HighVine87 GratefulOrchid58 ThirstyBuilder44 HystericalIce76 FreeDirector56 DangerousOwl17 SmallCat88

In addition, the following top 3 players who have proven themselves to be the best of the best in Buddy Arena will receive additional rewards.




Neon Arcade Set



Neon Arcade Helmet



Congratulations to all winners!

All rewards will be sent directly to the in-game mailbox of the account linked to your email address after global launch.

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