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Why are there hexagons that have Land and river together? Is the water part of the Land sale and can it be used for building?

Some tiles of Land may have water. For example, along a river or on a beach. But if you notice the water symbol on some of the plots of Land, it means they are not for exploration, settlement, and sale.

Is it best to choose Land close to the user’s location in the real World or can one choose Land in another country that the user doesn't visit?

It is all up to you and what matters most to you.

Will the Land have any marketing opportunities for brands?

We will share more details about this in the future.

Can users trade their plots of Land with other Mayors in the future?

Not directly from the NEXUS World Viewer. However, Lands are NFTs and can be traded on the secondary market.

What is the maximum number of Citizens for each Land rarity?

As we get closer to our product launch date, we will announce the maximum number of Citizens for each Land rarity.

Can I seek collaboration in the real-world for my Hometown to boost traffic in NEXUS World?

Yes. You can seek collaboration in the real world to boost traffic in NEXUS World.

Will the NEXUS World map be available online?

Yes. It is available now in the NEXUS World Viewer.

Can a Player hold multiple Citizenships on different plots of Land? For example, a Player has two different Citizenships on two different plots of Land?

No, one Player can only become a Citizen of one Hometown.

Can a Player become a Citizen in any Hometown regardless of geolocation?


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