⬆️$FYN Utility

Akin to the digital fuel powering the Affyn metaverse, $FYN is the utility token connecting and enhancing diverse experiences through its growing range of use cases. Driven by a passion for innovation, we are actively expanding its potential and enriching the metaverse for everyone.

What can I do with $FYN?

Purchase NEXUS World Land

Purchase NEXUS World Land NFTs with $FYN during Land sale events and campaigns.

Purchase Limited Edition Buddies

Purchase limited edition Buddy NFTs, such as the Gen Zero Buddies collection, using $FYN during Buddy NFT sale events and campaigns.

Earn Trading Fees and Rewards

Earn a share of the trading fees and gain liquidity mining rewards by providing $FYN liquidity to DEX liquidity pools.

Join the $FYN Hodl Program and Earn Rewards

Pledge $FYN, join the $FYN Hodl Program and earn campaign rewards.

🚧 More utilities coming soon

🚧 Purchase Nexium¹ with $FYN and acquire items in Buddy Arena

🚧 Use features in Affyn's Lifestyle platform

🚧 Use features in Affyn's Merchant program

🚧 Use features in Affyn's NEXUS World app

¹ A premium game currency used in the Buddy Arena mobile app that can be used to purchase in-game items.

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