🧙‍♂️The Affyn Team

Our Founders

Lucaz Lee

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer Forbes 40 Most Notable Blockchain Leaders in 2022

Lucaz Lee has over a decade of experience leading international teams to growth and success, including helping to launch a start-up that was acquired by a NASDAQ-listed firm. He was also in the core leadership team that helped a US-based company launch and penetrate the Asian market, where it went from USD$91m to USD$926.6m in annual revenue within 4 years. Since 2016, Lucaz has been exposed to blockchain and cryptocurrency and has been actively involved in the space. Under his leadership, Affyn successfully grew a large web 3.0 community of more than 100,000, secured over USD$20 million in funding within a short period of four months and was named one of the 40 Most Notable Blockchain Leaders by Forbes in 2022.

Oh Teck Wee

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Oh Teck Wee is Affyn's Chief Financial Officer with responsibility for the company's financial strategy and operations to support its continued growth and transformation. Before joining Affyn, he served as an Associate Director in the Risk Consulting department of KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms. He specialized in providing accounting advisory to multinational corporations, listed companies, and private enterprises, focusing primarily on the financial and technology sectors. He was also involved in several high-profile IPOs and provided carve-out consulting for clients in Southeast Asia.

On the blockchain front, he has actively invested in the cryptocurrency sector since 2017, demonstrating a profound interest in this dynamic industry. This knowledge and hands-on experience proved invaluable in 2021, when he played a pivotal role in securing a successful US$20 million fundraising effort for Affyn. Beyond this significant achievement, his contributions at Affyn span the thoughtful design of FYN tokens' economics and the rollout of NFT sales strategies. He has skillfully managed the intricacies of both centralized and automated market making, initiated token rewards program, and forged essential partnerships to strengthen Affyn's ecosystem. Additionally, his strategic insight has been key in delineating the utility and strategic direction of FYN tokens and in overseeing the cryptocurrency finances, prioritizing the establishment of controls and processes to maintain financial integrity and effectiveness.

Our Team

Affyn's team is primarily based in sunny ☀️🇸🇬 Singapore, where innovation meets diversity. With a workforce of approximately 40 individuals, our team embodies a dynamic blend of talents and expertise. Anchored in Singapore's thriving tech and blockchain ecosystem, our diverse group of professionals brings a wealth of experience from various fields, ensuring a multifaceted approach to both challenges and opportunities.

At the core of Affyn's team culture is the belief that true innovation thrives in an environment where creativity is nurtured and every voice is heard. In this dynamic and supportive setting, Affyn team members are empowered to explore their potential, think outside the box and collectively shape a future where the metaverse becomes a canvas for limitless creativity and innovation. We firmly believe that our team's strength lies not only in our skills and expertise but also in our shared commitment to making a lasting impact on the world.

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