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NFT Collection

Collection: NEXUS World Land

Total Supply: 100,000 NFTs

NEXUS World Lands are digital representations of real estate in NEXUS World, mapped to correspond with the real world. Each Land is unique, featuring its own combination of Features¹ and corresponding real world geolocation².

Each NEXUS World Land is represented as a hexagon tile in the NEXUS World Viewer.

NEXUS World Land NFTs

NEXUS World Land NFTs are lands that can be owned and traded. Like all NEXUS World Lands, each NFT is unique, featuring its own combination of Features and corresponding real world geolocation.

Utilizing generative art technology, we have empowered each NFT to showcase its distinctive digital illustration, highlighting its unique combination of Features. This ensures that each NFT is visually special and one-of-a-kind.

Each NFT is represented as a hexagon tile in the NEXUS World Viewer. The maximum supply of NEXUS World Land NFTs is capped at 100,000. NEXUS World Land NFTs are foundational and fundamental to the NEXUS World ecosystem. By becoming a Land NFT owner, you will benefit as the NEXUS World economy prospers over time.

Where can I interact with NEXUS World Lands?

Users can navigate and explore NEXUS World Lands in the NEXUS World Viewer web page.

Users can buy and sell NEXUS World Land NFTs in OpenSea.

In the future, more interactions with NEXUS World Lands will be enabled in the NEXUS World mobile app, currently in development.

¹ Each Land has an unchangeable set of nature fixtures known as Features, showcasing a unique combination that may include objects such as mountains, waterfalls, rocks, and eggs.

² Real-world geolocation is the identification of the actual physical location of an object, person, or device on Earth's surface using technologies such as GPS and geographical coordinates

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