FAQ - Land Sales - Land Selection Strategy

When we buy our plots of Land and mark our territory, will they change the environment according to the climate in which they are located?


Can users change the Biome to their preferred Biome?

Users cannot change the Biomes of Lands.

Since the distribution of the Lands is divided by 50% into Pre-game launch and 50% into Post-game launch, does that mean that as early investors, users who bought Flags for the pre-game launch get to choose the first 50% then the remaining 50% that are not purchased will be distributed post-game launch?

Yes, users get to choose their desired Lands during the Pre-game Launch round. Details are yet to be announced for the Post-game launch round.

Can we create an even bigger structure like a Megacity if we have two or more adjacent Lands, or will the structures be limited to existing just inside each Hexagon?

There is no merging or combining plots of Lands to make a bigger structure.

What makes Mythical Land different from other plots of Land?

Mythical Land is the rarest Land in NEXUS World. The higher the rarity, the more Land Features it has and the higher the earning potential.

What are the chances for small investors to get a good piece of Land?

Even users with only one Flag can purchase a Common Land. Taking into consideration various factors such as geolocation, you can get a good piece of Land even if it is of Common rarity.

Will owned Land be sold through the Flag sale phases, or will the owner set the price?

Once a Land is sold to a user, it will be minted to the user's wallet as an NFT. The owner can then determine the NFT's price in peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

If the user owns many adjacent plots of Land, will the user be Mayors for each Land individually, having people apply for Citizenship many times, or can users put all adjacent plots of Land together as one big Land with one Mayor and people applying to Citizenship only once?

One Land is one Hometown. There is no feature to merge Hometowns or different plots of Lands into one Land.

Please note that details about NEXUS World Land may be updated at the discretion of Affyn

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