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Angelic Pigasus

Type: Pigasus Name: Angelic Pigasus Rarity: Mythical Quantity: 100

Lore (Egg): An egg that belongs to Pigasus. Pigasi (plural), like bumblebees, defy all known laws of aviation with their tiny wings somehow keeping them afloat. Opportunistic omnivores, they hover from tree to tree, gorging on fruits until they become too heavy to fly and retire for the day. They are also quick to startle, and will flee instantly with voluminous propelling fart.

Lore (Buddy): Pigasi have great fascination with the sky, as their tiny wings can only propel them so far into the air. High-flying Pigasi are often the subject of admiration and envy from others of the same species. While the origins of the extraordinary white Pigasi aren't quite known, a lingering theory is that if a Pigasus flies past a certain altitude (whether it be from sheer flapping effort or the propulsion of flatulence), they return to the planet with snow-white skin and shining, golden wings. The most remarkable difference is that they smell like cotton candy. Their fart remains the same, unfortunately. - NEXUS Research Society

Blazeball Floomph

Type: Floomph Name: Blazeball Floomph Rarity: Mythical Quantity: 100

Lore (Egg): An egg that belongs to Floomph. A round mammal with an impenetrable hide. Their bodies are pliable and elastic, able to retain almost 98% of kinetic energy, allowing them to squash and stretch limitlessly and bounce about ferociously. With a powerful enough launch, they can continue bouncing in a straight line at the speed of a car. They look cuddly, but they are most definitely not. At least, on first few meetings. They are very mindful of personal space and can be quite aggressive against new faces. They are also very protective of their pack.

Lore (Buddy): Venturing into the harshest volcanic regions of the NEXUS, we certainly didn't expect to find a furry friend so far from the forest. Unfortunately, this friend didn't see us in the same way. Not only are these special Floomphs charred black from the heat, parts of their body are constantly aflame, accentuating the species' already spicy disposition. The hazardous location of their territory on top of their blazing hot hostility made this supernatural mutation one we'd much rather avoid research for fear of our lives. We're almost fortunate that they are only so few of them. - NEXUS Research Society

Electric Gagamaru

Type: Gagamaru Name: Electric Gagamaru Rarity: Mythical Quantity: 100

Lore (Egg): An egg that belongs to Gagamaru. A playful ape-like species that hatch from eggs and live in trees. Weak while young, they continue to wear the bottom half of the egg shell to protect themselves from predators that attack from below. The egg peels off fully by the time they become adults, when they are able to protect themselves with their powerful arm strength. They form tight-knit family tribes and are often seen together. They have shown to have great intelligence, communication and problem-solving skills. They communicate in the form of facial expressions, gestures and various vocalisations.

Lore (Buddy): Thunderstorms are an occasional hazard for Gagamarus, Buddies that live high in the treetops. On occasion, the trees they nest in are struck by lightning. And on rarer occasions, a nested Gagamaru egg takes the brunt of it all. These nigh-indestructible eggs take on a golden hue, and the babies that hatch from them have a particularly unique appearance. These Gagamarus emerge with fur dyed and mottled. Touching them physically can create quite a spark as every strand of their outward fur is overcharged with static electricity. They almost resemble gangsters from our world, but outside of their appearance, they're still the same sweet Gagamarus at heart. - NEXUS Research Society

Frostveil Nessie

Type: Nessie Name: Frostveil Nessie Rarity: Mythical Quantity: 100

Lore (Egg): An egg that belongs to Nessie. Amphibious dragons with startling swimming speeds. They are territorial, lone hunters, and can somehow designate territory boundaries in the deep ocean alongside other Nessies. Against larger threats or schools of prey, they are also able to strategise and collaborate on the fly, signifying impressive degrees of intelligence. They are the unparalleled apex predators of the NEXUS sea. On land, however they are as docile as dogs! Perhaps their confidence in their lethality allows them to approach other species without fear.

Lore (Buddy): On cold nights sailing through the frostiest oceans of the NEXUS, you might see auroras streaking under the surface. After undertaking great lengths in stalking this rare phenomenon, we've discovered that the source of these auroras are actually a rare subspecies of Nessie! These Nessies sport unique fins on their body that reflect light in a magical way, giving them an elegant and regal appearance amongst Nessie. Their skin, breath and even the water they swim through is ice cold to the touch. How do their thermodynamics work? If only these Nessies weren't so elusively rare, we might've been able to research them for a way to solve our own melting polar ice caps. - NEXUS Research Society

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