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What is the $FYN Hodl Program?

The $FYN Hodl Program is a loyalty program designed to recognize and reward the loyal supporters of our amazing community.


Enrolling in the $FYN Hodl Program unlocks campaign-specific rewards, which will be announced upon the launch of each individual campaign.

How do I enrol for the $FYN Hodl Program?

  1. Pledge 25,000 $FYN or more

That's it! You are all set.

Smart Contract Address

For verification purposes, the smart contract address used for the $FYN Hodl Program is 0x36d3f5ca99c6d6c1f49a333f507ce8ec34348e09.


To qualify for the Program, you just need to:

  1. Have a registered Affyn account in the Affyn Marketplace

  2. Bind a cryptocurrency wallet to your Affyn account (MetaMask is recommended)

  3. Complete and pass KYC verification in your Affyn account

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