Geolocation in the NEXUS World

The NEXUS World is constructed on a digital layer mapped to real-world geographical regions. Each plot of land in the NEXUS World is unique and corresponds to a real-world location.

We applied a grid of over 33 billion hexagonal tiles over our planet Earth, with each hexagon covering an average of 15,000 square meters in the real world (approximately 130 meters in diameter).

Out of these hexagonal tiles, 9.8 billion correspond to actual land, while the remaining tiles represent water regions covering our planet. Each plot of land in the NEXUS World is directly mapped to one of these tiles.

NEXUS World Viewer

Players can navigate the NEXUS World map using the NEXUS World Viewer.

What does this mean for me?

This means that you can choose the real-world location to which your NEXUS World Land corresponds. Will it be your house, a location popular with other players (to attract player traffic), or an iconic real-world location?

Geolocation-based gameplay will also bring players to your Land when they connect from the corresponding real-world location. Take this into account when selecting the location of your NEXUS World Land!

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