Buy Nexium with $FYN

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Get more Nexium by purchasing with $FYN! You can purchase Buddy Arena's premium game currency, Nexium, using $FYN on the Affyn Marketplace. Purchasing with $FYN gives users a whooping 30% extra Nexium, so hurry and purchase your Nexium with $FYN now!

Guide to Purchase Nexium with $FYN

Step 1: Head to the Affyn Marketplace store

Step 2: Select the Nexium package that you would like to purchase

Step 3: Confirm the details of the purchase and select BUY

Step 4: Sign the transactions that appear on your MetaMask. After submitting your transaction, wait for confirmation in your transaction history to confirm a successful purchase.

Step 5: Wait for the transaction status to turn from VERIFYING to SUCCESS

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased Nexium with $FYN.

List of Transaction Statuses



Transaction is before or in the process of being written into the blockchain.


Transaction is undergoing checks.


Transaction has been written into the blockchain and we are about to credit your purchased Nexium into your Buddy Arena account.


Your purchase is successful. You can now claim your purchased Nexium in the Buddy Arena app.


Suspicious transaction detected. Transaction has been reverted.


Transaction was unsuccessful. Please try again.

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