Venture into Buddy Arena

The Story

A technology, sport and competition rolled into one, the Buddy Arena is an event where Crushers compete against each other to collect the most crystals within a short timespan. Televised and streamed to audiences both in the NEXUS World and Earth, it is a popular spectacle that has attracted many explorers to take steps into the NEXUS World for the first time.


Crushers (aka Crystal-Rushers) are players who participate in the competitive mining of the Buddy Arena compete alongside their Buddy companions, racing towards the goal of fame and riches.

They are allowed to keep everything that they mine during the event and even exchange them for goods and services. On top of this, Crusher tournaments often have big prizes, and the top Crushers earn the title of Master Crusher, giving them the full sponsorship of the Moonlanders¹ to explore everything the NEXUS World has to offer.

As such, the battle for the top spot amongst Crushers is an ever-fierce and riveting battle.

Crystal Storms

A weather phenomenon that happens sporadically throughout the NEXUS World. When a Crystal Storm starts, the sky is blotted out by peculiar dark clouds, the wind picks up and the air becomes dense with energy, which can make it hard to breathe for the untrained. During this time, the energy swirling through the air infuses into the earth and nature around it, bursting through the surface condensed as crystals.

The Arena

Upon the discovery of an eminent Crystal Storm, the area is marked and the Buddy Arena is deployed around it. Powered by the precious NEXUS World material Fynite, this technological marvel assembles itself in mere seconds, constructing pillars, facilities and walls made of hard light to contain the area while Crushers get ready to compete.

The arena is also decked out with a full suite of cameras and lighting equipment, allowing for mass streaming to audiences back on Earth. In a matter of months, the popularity of these live streamed invent spurred a great number of new explorers into the NEXUS World to join in and compete.

¹ A rich and extensive organization of people motivated by riches and reward. While their goals can be summed up by ambition and greed, they are not inherently evil people, but rather professionals who are hyper-efficient in the pursuits of earning money. They are interested in the wonders of the NEXUS World particularly for their lucrative prospects.

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