FAQ - Land Sales - NEXUS World Viewer

Can we see the features of a Land in the NEXUS World Viewer?

You can check out the features of a Land under the Land Features tab in the NEXUS World Viewer.

Will the Rarity of Land be subject to change?

Land rarities are preset and are not subject to changes.

Will there be indications on the NEXUS World Viewer that will let us know if a certain Land will be sold during the pre-game or post-game launch?

No. However, the Lands available for selection will be made known in each Land sale.

Will people from restricted countries still be able to look at the NEXUS World Viewer even if they cannot participate in Affyn's NFT sales?

Anyone can access the NEXUS World Viewer as a Guest.

What app or tool to buy the plots of Lands during City Sales?

It can be done directly from the NEXUS World Viewer.

How can we see the available tiles of Land vs the tiles available during the 24-hour early access for whitelisted users?

Land tiles available for sale appear as visible hexagons in a City Sale page. Land tiles with Flags on them are unavailable for sale as they have already been purchased by other users. Land that does not show up as hexagon tiles are restricted areas not available for sale.

During an actual Land claim, will the NEXUS World Viewer be able to show data in real time?


Will it show the different Biomes and other Features of plots of Land or only Rarity?


What is the rationale for “Affyn Reserved” Land?

These are Lands reserved for the company’s strategic activities.

Please note that details about NEXUS World Land may be updated at the discretion of Affyn

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