Campaign Details

Campaign has ended. Users are still eligible to earn the Referral Plus reward if their referee pledges in the $FYN Hodl Program for 30 consecutive days before 31 March 2024.

📅 Date: 1 - 29 February 2024 🏆 Maximum Rewards Cap: 10 million $FYN 🪙 FYN earned per Referral: 100 $FYN 🪙 FYN earned by Referee: 100 $FYN 💰 FYN earned per Referral Plus: 1000 $FYN

Maximum Rewards Cap

There is a maximum rewards cap for the campaign at 10 million $FYN. The campaign will end when all 10 million $FYN have been distributed.

Referral Reward

A successful referral is made when a new user successfully registers a new account with your unique referral code and passes KYC within the campaign period. A referral reward of 100 $FYN will be granted to both you and your referee.

Note: Referees will need to bind a wallet to their Affyn account in order to receive referral rewards

Referral Plus

A referral plus reward of 1,000 $FYN will be granted to you when your referee pledges at least 25,000 $FYN in the $FYN Hodl Program for a period of 30 consecutive days before 31 March 2024.

When and How can I Claim my Rewards?

You will be able to claim your referral rewards on the rewards dashboard in your Affyn account after the dashboard goes live in April 2024.

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