NEXUS World Viewer

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What is the NEXUS World Viewer?

The NEXUS World Viewer is a digital map of the virtual NEXUS World that enables users to navigate and explore different Lands and locations. Users can also view essential details in individual Land tiles, such as Biome, Rarity, Land Features, and geolocation coordinates.

Prior to the commencement of each City Sale, users can utilize the NEXUS World Viewer to scout for their desired Lands, providing them with a head start when the City Sale begins.

How to explore the NEXUS World Viewer?

Go to the NEXUS World Viewer webpage and utilize the various search tools to explore different locations and plots of Lands.

Actual UI may differ due to updates.

Zoom Control

Use the zoom options to make everything on the NEXUS World Viewer larger or smaller. The last zoom level that displays the hexagon borders is the 83% zoom level. If you are at a lower zoom level, you will need to increase it to at least 83% to display the hexagon borders again.

Use the search bar to find your Land of choice by typing places of interest, latitude and longitude coordinates, Google Map URL (note: shortened URL will not work), or the Land's cell ID.

Color-coded Land Rarities

Each Land's rarity can be easily identified from its color code. Common is grey, Rare is blue, Epic is purple and Mythical is yellow.

Different Land rarities require different amounts of Flags to claim. Common Land requires 1 Flag, Rare Land requires 3 Flags, Epic Land requires 9 Flags and Mythical Land requires 27 Flags.

Land Details Panel

Clicking on any Land reveals more information in a pop-up tab.

Land Details Tab

Land art: Each Land displays its own unique digital illustration based on its Land features. Cell ID: Each plot of Land has its own unique Cell ID. Owner: This field displays information about the Land's owner. Rarity: This field displays the rarity of the Land. Availability: This field indicates the Land's availability. Biome: This field displays the biome of the Land. Lat/Long: This field displays the Land's corresponding real-world coordinates.

Land Features Tab

Displays the various Features that make up the Land. Each Land has its own unique combination of features.

The Toggle “Eye” Button

The toggle button shows and hides the display of Land rarities and other icons. This allows users to see the area from a real-world point of view. Even in the toggle-off mode, you can still see the hexagon outlines from 83% zoom level onwards.

The My Location Button

Use the “My location” button to display the map area in your current location. Keep in mind that this feature only works if you allow the browser to know your location in your browser settings.

What do the different symbols on the Lands represent?

Flag Symbol

Flag symbols indicate Lands that are owned or reserved by other users.

House Symbol

House symbols indicate Lands that are owned by you.

Water Symbol

Water symbols mark Lands that have water biomes. Water biomes are not purchasable and are not open for exploration.

Affyn Symbol

Affyn symbols mark Lands that are reserved by Affyn and not for sale.

Restricted Symbol

Restricted symbols mark Lands that are restricted due to various reasons and not for sale.

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